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Name: khalique zuberi
Gender: male
City: Mumbai
Country: India
Contact.: Mail (Click Me)
Date of Birth: 11-12-1980
Weight: 68
Height: 5'8
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Working As:- Dj - Disc Jockey
Experience 8 Years DJ / Re-mixer / E.D.M Composer

DJ KZII - Then Music Drug "Stimulating Senses"

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KZII has been DJing since more than 8 years . He specialize\'s in E.D.M & Commercial Bollywood/Hollywood/Club tunes.
After Many years in abroad he has shifted back to Mumbai-India & have been performing in many cities across India since then. KZII has accomplished many successful Events/Shows/Parties in India and abroad with a gathering of approx. 3700 people grooving to his killer playlist.

In addition to this, DJ KZII own\'s a PPL (License) - Registered with name - "DJ KZII".

At his Home-Studio:

- His personal DJ Console includes:
DJM800 & DJM1000 + CDJ1000MK-III-Pair.
- He Music Production / Mixing Gears include:
M-Audio MIDI Controller, Efx Processor

At Live Events, he posses:

- Excellent Stage Dramatics with his Dynamic Energy.

About DJ KZII:

Khalique Zuberi a.k.a DJ KZII was born & brought up in Muscat-Oman. Since an early age he was influenced with music & sound. Experimenting & mixing music with natural sounds turned music as his passion and his love for music grew immensely with the years.

After Graduation, being an I.T professional, he joined IBM at Doha-Qatar.
Being a music lover and highly influenced by E.D.M, KZII had a massive track selection of eclectic having the best music from artist around the world. From original soundtracks to remixes, he kept experimenting from harmonic mixing to fusing E.D.M with different genres by various industry standard applications and hardware. Along his I.T job, he maintained a home studio having a pair of (industry standard console) Pioneer CDJ1000-MKIII top table players and a Pioneer DJM800 mixer with an M-Audio MIDI Keyboard Controller and music applications. In the course of time, he stunned his friends & resident DJs with his music skills by compiling Electrifying DJ SETS/Nonstop.

A star was born; His music trained ears and harmonic uplifting DJ SETS / Nonstop were being played in car stereos, gym and circulated among friends, friends of friends like fire which later got him performing Live at Gigs, outdoor/In-house parties/corporate events.

Being fascinated by Electronic Dance Music & Sampling, he made many DJ SETS / Mixes and continued his magic spells over & over again. Bringing the best electrifying music together from across the globe, he soon became better known for his ultimate journeyers- DJ SETS.

When behind the console, his dynamic form of energy, explosive stage dramatics & aptitude to read his audience, have made his audience dance till they crash & leaving them wanting for more.

He is currently based in Mumbai, India & playing commercial Bollywood, Hollywood & killer club tunes along side electronic dance music.

Genre(s):- Commercial Bollywood, Hollywood, Electro House-E.D.M, Background Scores, DJ SETS, Remixes

DJ KZII is currently working on his E.P & is also actively promoting the E.D.M scene along with underground artists in India.

Has always worked with the best equipment and brands in the industry over the course of his career. After many years abroad he shifted to India in 2009 end & is currently based in Mumbai. While his experience with Balajai Telefilms at Mumbai, he has his hands-on on Pro Tools Hardware/Software and gained technical experience about Television (Serials) Sound Editing, Designing, Indoor/Outdoor Sound Recording, Studio Dubbing/Voice-over, Mastering – a complete know-how about Television Sound.

Apart from his DJ career and experience with Television Sound, he later worked as a Music Director for a Solo drama “Draupati” sponsored by Ministry of Cultural Affairs & was rated among top 5 solo dramas.

His Background Score for the 75 minutes live drama was much appreciated.
To know more, contact at the below mentioned:

DJ KZII Management
Genres: E.D.M, Commercial Bollywood, Hollywood, Club Tunes, Remixes, Background Score.

To stay updated with Events/Gigs/Shows,
Follow him here:

khalique zuberi
facebook profile of khalique zuberi
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