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Name: Ron Koushik
Gender: male
City: hyderabad & mumbai
Country: India
Contact.: Mail (Click Me)
Date of Birth: 11-9-1987
Weight: 68
Height: 5'9
Inside Living City Charge 10000
Outside Living City Charge 24000
Working As:- Dj - Disc Jockey
Experience 7 years experience in deejaying and now also in digital deejaying with the advanced technology.

Ron Koushik from his childhood days has a very deep knowledge and taste for music.When he was 19 years old,he started learning about the deejay equipments by his own.

Now,a 24 year old,who is a master of his own talent,now as an entertainer is "a man on a mission".he is not restricted to only few genres,although he is open to all genres of music.

His great thirst for music has taken his talents on the road and enhanced his growth in his career ,he started playing at local parties and gigs,and then originally hailing from quietville,he soon found the "Royal Derby Club" at Hyderabad as a resident Deejay,a kick to his career.

Several live shows,gigs and night club apperances in major cities like Hyderabad,Goa,Mumbai,Ooty,Chennai,Bengaluru,Kolkata,and its not the least.

Ron Koushik\'s addictive and unique style of grooves has been creating a smoldering vibe that attracts people of all age group to party hard and get trip with his vast genres of music.He has his exclusive style of blending and mixing the commercial hits with the ground tunes.Sampling,scratching and some more technical terms are the main features of his sets.
His talent has also taken him into the the Music Production,managing every aspect.That also includes being a critical part of the creative process,such as deciding what instruments are used and contributing to song arrangements.He has also understood the meaning of Music and Sound without any Educational training.From his thought Sound is the resonance of objects and materials that we can listen to. Music is the intended organisation of sounds for particular uses in social and cultural contexts. The sound and music communication chain covers all aspects of the relationship between sonic energy and meaningful information, both from sound to sense (as in musical content extraction or perception), and from sense to sound (as in music composition or sound synthesis). This definition is generally considered to include all types of sounds and human communication processes except speech.This has also got a success at some point in his life.His broad mind has taken him from bollywood to tollywood to western music too..On this auspicious occasion of 15th of August,2011. He has also tribute a patriotic remix to our nation and Indian Army..

Ron Koushik
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