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Name: kartavya the band
Gender: male
City: Dehradun
Country: India
Contact.: Mail (Click Me)
Date of Birth: 20-10-2012
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Outside Living City Charge dedunhra
Working As:- Band
Experience 3 years

KARTAVYA – the Band believes that music has no boundaries . There may be various forms of it , but when it comes to playing , it should touch the hearts. Hence , the Band strongly believes in VERSATILITY, and plays different forms – be it METAL , RETRO-ROCK , INDO-ROCK , INDIAN CLASSICAL , SUFI , BOLLYWOOD and many more.
The strong line-up of the band helps it to develop the feel for so many forms of music as each of its members have common as well as their individual feel which they master in.


1.RIJO CHERIAN : Being the eldest and the most experienced person in the band , he is the mentor of the band. He is the LEAD GUITARIST of the Band and is well known in the city for his amazing guitaring skills. HE has also been to MTV ROCK ON (season 1) , and brought laurels to the city. He plays almost every form of music , and is the back-bone of the band.

2.AMIT LAKHWAL : He is the lyricist of the Band , and originator of all the OWN-COMPOSITIONS of the band. His imagination helps him to pen-down his thoughts and the Band creates music for it ,equally powerful and as beautiful as the lyrics . Some of his songs are a hit in and around the city , which includes , RAVAN , DOSH and KABIRVANI.

3.AYUSH TALNIYA : He is the youngest member of the Band and is a “5th Graduate” ,with distinction, in INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSIC , from PRAYAG SANGEET SAMITI, ALLAHABAD. He strongly believes in versatility in singing , and sings in various genres. His strong knowledge in the ‘ SUR and TAAL’ makes him deliever his thoughts and emotions ,undetoriated to the listeners.

4.PRANAV CHAUHAN : He is the LEAD and RHYTHM GUITARIST of the Band. His solos are a ‘delight to listen’ for the audience. Inspired by the legendary bands such as IRON-MAIDEN, OPETH, PANTERA, etc. , he is well known for his ‘Heart-Touching’ and unmistakable solos and harmonies.

5.MOHIT NAINAR : He is the DRUMMER of the Band , as well as the soul of the songs played by the band. He plays in his unique-style , with lots of choking , doubling of bass , and stupendous rolls.

6.HEMANSHYO GAUTAM : He is the BASSIST of the Band. He loves to deliever his self-developed techniques while playing the bass , which includes Fretting , Slapping and many more.

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