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Laser Shows in Delhi: Lasers are a great way to actually bring the show out to the audience and make them feel as though they are part of the show.

Beams can be used for that attention-getting look that just cannot be recreated by any other medium, or laser scans can be used for actually creating voluminous shapes of light in the air or projected onto a screen as laser graphics.


If you're looking for that "WOW" for your next sales meeting, product introduction, award ceremony/banquet, or anniversary celebration, DG Event will customize a laser show (or special effects) specifically for your program or event! 


Dramatic water screens, 60' illuminated spheres, or huge hanging screens can be used with laser and/or video projection, creating a spectacular display.  


This is nothing but the new laser-based and multimedia entertainment equipment for theme parks, resorts, trade shows, giant screen theaters, film and TV productions and special events, especially featuring its large-scale outdoor displays and its expanded water media capabilities.

Each show features dazzling colorful laser animations, cartoons, and beam effects all choreographed to a musical soundtrack and theme.


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