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Music Shows: In Hindu custom and ritual music play a very important role be it any festival or wedding ceremony.

There is music for every wedding ceremony. To make the Indian wedding function more lively and special you can book professional performers like singers and dancers depending on your choice for the function and theme, you'll be adding a special sparkle and fun to the wedding festivities by choosing the right kind of music for the right occasion.


There are different kind of music arrangements for all the wedding ceremonies like sangeet, mehndi, main day wedding and vidaai ceremony.

There is song for sangeet ritual, which is very important pre wedding ceremony where the female relatives and friends of the bride meet to celebrate the occasion. They sing and dance all through the night to celebrate the wedding ceremony.


Sangeet party is very popular among Gujaratis and Punjabis. Among the Gujaratis Garba dance is a favored alternative. The sangeet party mainly involves traditional dance, which is known as Garba, and dandia raas, which is dancing with sticks. At the bride's home women relatives and friends play the dholki and sing suhaag, which is a traditional folk song.

There are songs for every occasion in Indian Wedding. Nowadays stage shows are also organized on the wedding day. For these shows you can hire professional singers and performers. They sing songs from hit bollywood numbers to traditional wedding songs. These days the stage shows are quite popular as guests enjoys the performances. The foot tapping songs, the beat of the Dhol and the string of the Tumba, which can make anybody dance and roll from young to the old. Here are some of the all time favorite bollywood songs you can try out for the wedding ceremony.