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For Private Parties, it has been said that DG Event is an Event Planner's dream. Here's why...

Planning a private party is a challenge - we're always on the lookout for that "extra something" to make our party unique, surprising, more memorable.

What if there was one ingredient you could add - in addition to the decor, the menu, the music - that would absolutely, positively guarantee your party went off with a bang? One element that would, in twenty minutes, turn a yawn into a cheer, break the ice between strangers and leave the most restrained of your guests standing on their chair, twirling their napkin in the air?

Well, there is such an ingredient: it is called DG Event - the original and best surprise entertainment show featuring singing waiters hiding in plain sight at your function.

Sophisticated, spontaneous and lots of fun, The DG Event have delighted millions of guests at thousands of events all over the world. This number is only significant when you consider that we are a surprise entertainment act and can therefore do little or no mainstream advertising. In other words, almost all our business comes from people who've seen DG Event, absolutely loved the show and booked it for themselves! Best of all, DG Event is great for parties of any size, requires very little production, suits every demographic and works brilliantly wherever there are Dg !

If you have a particular date in mind, feel free to contact your local office DG Event and we'll put a team on hold for you. Some dates fill up a long time in advance and we'd hate for you to be disappointed. Of course you'll be under no obligation, but we'd like to make sure a team is available for when you do decide to book DG Event for your party...