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Launching a new product or service is a costly, complicated and multi-faceted challenge that can turn into a monumental success or an embarrassing failure.   Marketers increasingly are expected to track, measure and justify marketing initiatives with meaningful data, much of which can now be captured via the digital trail of the Internet. Through a combination of automated technologies and analyst expertise, DG Event can help marketers, product developers and advertisers measure, understand and manage consumers’ reaction to a product launch—before, during and after—no matter what the product. Manage a new product launch on numerous critical fronts by measuring and leveraging consumer-generated media for specific benchmarks and questions:


  • What’s the buzz about your product—before, during and post-launch?

  • How does your product benchmark against industry norms and your competitor(s)?

  • Are your marketing/promotion programs resonating with consumers and having the desired impact? Are they building buzz? Are they building the right kind of buzz?

  • What key issues generate and influence buzz and sentiment about your brand (and the competition)? Does those issues match expected behavior?

  • Who are your most influential consumers, where is their online influence concentrated, and how can you best leverage them?

  • Are you targeting the right products to the right markets?

  • Could any perceived quality/safety issues impact sales or acceptance?