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Welcome to DG Event!!

D.J. Parties Setup Manesar

best dj setup on rent in Manesar

Planning a party could be a nightmare, as it takes plenty of co-ordination from different vendors. Eve when all that is done, the biggest struggle comes up with finding the right DJ. A party or an event could get messed up, if there is a wrong DJ. Hence, the pressure of finding a DJ becomes too much.

If you have been hunting for the best DJ in town, then you can always rely on DG Event’s DJ rental services. They are indeed one of the best in town. Over the years, the DJ’s of DG Event have been involved in plenty of events in Manesar. They have been able to make these events a huge success, by playing the best of songs and setting the mood of the party.

Projector Rental Services in Manesar

With the latest technologies coming in every day providing high-quality resolution, it is a different experience if we watch anything on a big screen like a projector instead of a smaller screen of a laptop. Irrespective of the location, situation, or condition, watching a movie, or screening images or presentations, having a big display screen like a projector is a different experience.

It is not practical to use a projector on day-to-day basis, projector screens are used occasionally, but everyone would love to buy a projector and have it with them, but the only thing stopping a lot of people from owning a projector screen is the high price tag attached to it. Therefore, we are here with an alternate solution to all your problems which saves you from huge investment and a lot of storage space by renting the projector. When required at Manesar, we have a service that can deliver the projector in less than an hour to use on a rental basis. We have a variety of projectors available to facilitate renting as per the requirement. We have premium quality luminous (5000-20000) which can be used for small to significant events which suit your need.

projector on rent in Manesar

Best Stage Fabrication Service in Manesar

stage fabrication service in Manesar

It is tough to find a Stage fabrication as it is a new field, and there is not much competition. But in modern times, you don't have to be upset If you can't find an appropriate stage fabricator service, as the DG Event service is readily available at a single mouse click.

We have a vast experience and variety of options for different occasions and functions like weddings, corporate, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. We have a team of experts and competent professionals to cater to the client's requirement of a different stage and meet the expectations. It is a known fact that the stage is the first thing that the entire crowd will look at as that's the place where actual even would be going on. So, therefore, we make it a point that the stage is very well decorated and lifted, and it is made most comfortable and convenient to handle the event successfully.

We need to understand our clients' vision, and we give our best to provide them with a look that is way beyond their expectations, and we shall make it a point to help them have the most memorable event.

PA System on Rent in Manesar

There are so many public events happening, and the primary thing required for a public event is the public address system. It is technically impossible to have any public event without a public address system. It must deliver the sound to the entire public present or the possibility for communication.

The public address system may consist of loudspeakers, consoles, amplifiers, etc. it may be any school, college, social, corporate, or public gathering or any public event; it is essential to have a public address system for proper communication with the public.

The public address system is not used only when the public needs to be addressed. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to buy a public address system and spend a considerable sum of money when you have an option to rent the PA system for the period of the event.

If it comes to us for our inventory on the PA system, we are the pioneers for providing a PA system on Rent with all high-quality equipment; you may get the same on Rent from us.

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Music System on Rent in Manesar

sound system on rent in Manesar

You would require a perfect music system no matter what event you host, from the special marriage night of your parent's anniversary to a college farewell. Buying a music system is like breaking your bank, which doesn't make sense for one event. The best quality or high-end systems aren't used regularly, so renting them is never wrong. Renting out a music system is always the best bet if you are an event planner or DJ.

You can be at ease when you choose DG Event as you get the best quality music system. You can create our sound system for both commercial and residential gatherings. We provide the best music systems of different sizes at DG Event.

Best LED & LCD wall on Rent in Manesar

LEDs are a perfect approach for people willing to reach a large target audience with any message or trademark to your product. You must connect with our team at DG Event if you have any queries for systems available on Rent, including video, audio equipment, decorations, lighting, etc. We offer LED walls on Rent in Manesar for different events. We also provide equipment on Rent for corporate events like exhibitions, seminars and conferences, and others.

One of the best ways to reach your target audience is to use LEDs as they come with other tools, including audio and equipment. However, it is pretty costly to buy all the tools. So, it is your best bet to rent out the products. It would help you save from burning a hole in your pocket. The DG Event is your one-stop solution that offers LED and other equipment on Rent. LED lights and LCDs play a crucial role in various exhibitions, corporate events, conferences, etc. In Manesar, DG Event offers high-quality LED tools.

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Best Event Management Company in Manesar

best event management companies in Manesar

Are you planning to host an event in Manesar? Are you worried about all the event planning? Now you can throw all your worries in the dustbin when you have the back of event planners from none other than DG Events!

DG Events is one of the most recognized event planning companies, which caters to multiple events such as corporate events, weddings, etc. Instead of purchasing a sound system, speaker, or video walls, you can now rent everything with a single click.

Not just this, DG Events, also has onboard the best DJ, Manesar. Be it wanting to play Bollywood music, Punjabi or Hollywood music, the DJ here can play every song, and make sure to make the event a total hit.

The role of a DJ in any event is immense, as they act as the live wire of the party. Hence, having on board an experienced DJ really helps.

We're The Largest Events Company

DG Event & Entertainment is a famous event management and artist management company prevailing in Noida. It has its services rendered all over India, but the major base is in Delhi. The company provides event planning and execution of different types be it, professional events or private ones.

You can also rent the event equipment from DG Event, which includes music systems, PA systems, DJ’s, LCD & LED walls, stage fabrication etc.

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