School Events

School Events

We are well connected with managers of practically all celebrities regarding the entertainment components of school and college events. We organize Annual Day events for students and also run Adventure Camps for them. 

360 Degree School Events Planning at DG Events

DG Events specializes in full-service event planning. The fact that we rely on external vendors the least and have an extensive inventory in-house distinguishes us as one of the best event management businesses. Whether it’s concept, drama, props, stage, music recording, choreography, costumes, photography and video production, security, catering, personnel, sound and light equipment, display screens, or fabrication, we’ve got you covered.

DG Events specialize in various school events, such as annual days, sports days, admissions events, international study programs, school conferences, seminars, etc.

We choose the best place for the sports days and ensure that all safety measures are followed to protect the safety of the students and the schools’ reputation.

School Annual Day allows the school to showcase their kids as a national asset by showing their talents in various fields. Keeping in mind the value and significance of this yearly celebration, we have agreed to take responsibility for the function from beginning to end, ensuring that the management of the function is entirely stress-free

Why Trust DG Events:

Specialised and customised school events

Events carried out by professionals with plethora of experience

Events full of unique and out of the box ideas

Speedy organized with a pro-active team